Welcome to the Animated Patient™ series

The Animated Patient™ is a unique patient health education series with a novel approach to patient learning. We provide patient-centered education in highly visual, animated formats to help patients understand medical information, improve their health and illness knowledge, overcome barriers to health literacy, and empower patients to partner with their health care providers to make informed choices in order to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Patients easily learn about their medical condition through a variety of rich, evidence-based animations, expert video interviews, patient experience stories, illustrated slideshows and infographics. Patients can evaluate their knowledge, provide feedback about how they have improved their health, attained best-practice care and derive benefits in terms of health outcomes.

Interactive features engage patients, facilitate informed patient-family-physician decisions, and help empower learners to be able to conduct better discussions with health providers to achieve best practice care, optimal patient management and best available treatment and disease management options. All content is rigorously reviewed and approved by medical experts.

The goals of the Animated Patient™ programs are to reduce the barriers of health literacy and help patients understand and actively participate in their health outcomes. Poor health literacy impedes effective patient self-management skills. The Animated Patient™ programs improve patient disease knowledge, and help nurture self-confidence related to their illness; the Animated Patient™ resources empower patients, family members and care givers to seek and attain optimal health outcomes. The Animated Patient™ series helps patients recognize their risk factors, signs and symptoms of their illness; it helps patient’s process vital information and engage in meaningful discussions with their health providers; it improves patient skills to access support services and best-practice care.

When patients have a better knowledge of appropriate interventions and treatment options, they can have more informed conversations with their doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers. Patients can voluntarily provide feedback to us about how the learning resources have helped to improve their disease and its outcomes. Patients can also test their own knowledge about their disease, and tools are provided to improve learning and guide decisions. The Animated Patient™ series of resources are excellent tools for use by physicians and allied health provider teams and we encourage their use in clinics, hospitals, medical offices or in the homes of patients to help patients better participate in best-practice care.

www.AnimatedPatient.com is the central hub for all the Animated Patient™ series of programs. New programs are added every few months, so please check back often for new resources, and important information. We welcome your feedback!

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